Ntombi Baepi

Managing Partner


Email address: nbaepi@timsukaziinc.co.za

Ntombi Baepi has 16 years of experience in legal practice. She specialises in corporate and income tax and employees’ tax.

She has acted for a diverse range of clients such as corporate clients, multi-nationals, trusts as well as individuals. Ntombi’s general practice experience includes advising clients on income tax issues, in particular advising on the implications of transactions from an income tax and capital gains tax                                                                             perspective and advising on the structuring of transactions in this regard. She also has experience in                                                                     advising clients on international tax issues including advising on the implications of tax treaties.

One of Ntombi’s area of focus is tax dispute resolution and she has experience in assisting a number of clients in this area.

Areas of Practice:

  • Tax
  • International Tax
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • General Corporate and Commercial
  • Notarial work

Contact Details

Direct Line :    +271 005 45109                    Ext Number:  240